LEVIN put on his big boots, and, for the first time, a cloth jacket, instead of his fur cloak, and went out to look after his farm, stepping over streams of water that flashed in the sunshine and dazzled his eyes, and treading one minute on ice and the next into sticky mud. Spring is…

🌸 Ideas for Decoration 🌸

You can’t even imagine how many great ideas around you. It’s really amazing how you can change everything with one slight move.

Charming Wedding Could Be Yours!

There is no secret about easy way creating beautiful atmosphere! It is truly possible with LED String Lights as it appeared on the Wedding of this couple!  

Spring Time

It seems to look like LED String Lights could be added anywhere making the picture look great. Versatile lights. Ha. It’s really cool.

Lighted Feathers

Excellent idea of using feathers and LED String Lights. Why not?

The Old One with New Impressions

This idea could look like the old one already, but still, impressions and atmosphere are great. Just take a look, LED String Lights look great. And it’s only in the picture, just imagine how cool is that in real life.

Cosy Bedroom String Lights

A story about LED String Lights for bedroom will be excellent for eternity. You have a small bedroom or dorm room and you are already tired of all this regular and even boring stuff that you want to get something new. In such case the best and the easiest idea will be to add LED…

LED String Lights PARTY continues

Yesterday we posted the article about the great idea of using lights for wedding ceiling. I guess you saw that. And now we are presenting a BRAND NEW DIY idea of using LED String Lights for Parties. Just take a look. It’s amazing.  

Lighted Ladder from Books

Have you ever made a ladder from books? Such ladder firstly appeared in “Series of Unfortunate Events”. Have you read that book?


It happens very often that we forget about easy ways and create troubles for ourselves. But in a meanwhile, there is no need to such stuff. Just take a look at the picture, even a pillow can be happy. And we are more developed organisms.

Bookish and Lighted April!

Guys, April seems to be a great month for Challenge Reading. Why not make ourselves to read 7 books this month? That would be a great mind idea. As Barney should have said: “Challenge Accepted! Good luck!”