The Light junction

Lighting design has never looked so impressive as it did at this year’s design junction during London Design Festival. Jaw-dropping large scale galactic installations by international brands taking part in the light junction (a brand new addition to design junction dedicated to high-end decorative lighting); all the way through to the intricately handcrafted designs by local artisans.

We noticed several key themes at this year’s show in terms of lighting. These included Customization (whether it be choosing from a rainbow of colors for the flex cord, designing your own light from various interchangeable components, or specifying a unique color of pendant – customization is key); Warm metallics (when it comes to metallics – brass, copper & gold finishes continue to dominate); Handcrafted (just like buying art, consumers like the idea of owning a light that is handmade and truly unique to them. Small imperfections are embraced); Exposed bulbs (or those with transparent glass or minimal surrounds); High drama (by layering lights; hanging multiples of the same or similar lights together; or choosing one large-scale or oversized light pendant) – go big or plentiful.

Also, traditional materials like glass, metal, crystal, paper, and wood were being used in innovative new ways: glass flowers and fabric intertwined with fibre optics;  origami style folded paper pendants; handblown glass pendants mixed with decorative fringing; complex grids of thin bamboo plywood that connect together for simple home assembly; a globe of gold polyethene panels lit by a LED core; and pendants with a seamless fusion of metal to ceramic surfaces.

Below is a selection of some of the stand-out lighting pieces from the light junction.



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